Quality and speed at the right price

ELMOD ENGINEERING is a company that primarily takes into account the demands of its customers in terms of service quality and of course price.

You can expect top quality and high level of expertise of our team in front of which there is not a big enough challenge that we are not willing to take.

REPAIR of substations
and power lines

Our team has so far proven to work in order to maintain regular and emergency / accidental maintenance of parts of the power system.

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ELMOD ENGINEERING perform a complete production of electrical cabinets, including the preparation of technical documentation

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Our team is able to promptly reach end users and perform service breakers, disconnectors and other switching equipment and the same

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Construction of
power systems

Our team is always here for you to give you the best design solutions – projects in accordance with your requirements and

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Our team is always here to give  you the best design solutions – projects in accordance with your requirements and according to

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Effective solutions

You can benefit from our experience in providing efficient solutions to complex global supply chains of some of the largest corporations in the world. You can benefit from any innovation, whether it is simply an extension of our air and ocean freight products, whether that means that the development in storage, or whether it takes a completely new integrated supply chain model.

Great experience

Each new solution adds to the richness of our experience, and that’s why our expertise and credibility. All of which explains why you will find these in ELMOD ENGINEERING ready to apply their passion for solutions to support your business.


International certification proves our approach to business logic and serve us, with our experience and continuous education as a guarantee of the quality of service we provide to our customers


Be confident that in cooperation with us, your projects will be completed in the best way and as soon as possible.

24/7 Support

We provide you a constant support, whether they have any questions within the current project or would like more information before starting new projects.